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Gautam Solar Pvt. Ltd. is a Top 10 Solar Manufacturer offering Solar Energy at reduced cost to Commercial & Industrial (C&I). We strive to play a major role in helping businesses in their decarbonization efforts and achieve sustainability.

What sets us Apart?

Setting us apart from other EPC Companies is that we are one of India’s leading Solar Module Manufacturers with a current manufacturing capacity of 500 MWp and expanding to 1 GWp (by Sept. 2023). Solar Modules are the most critical component of any solar power plant, which directly impacts Power Generation & Reliability. They account for 60-70% of the total cost of the Power Plant and hence commissioning a Solar Module Manufacturer for your Solar Power plant installation ensures your Solar Power Plant receives cutting-edge technology upgrades.

Gautam Solar has a pan-India presence with its corporate office in New Delhi, 4 factories in Haridwar and multiple warehouses and service technicians throughout the country. The company has also made inroads into US and Europe Solar Markets.

Top 10 Solar Company
Experience in Solar Industry
1 GWp Capacity
Innovations in Solar Industry

Our Range of Offerings

Solar Energy Solutions for Commercial & Industrial

Open Access Solar

Grid-connected Large-scale Ground Mounted Solar Plants for Businesses with high electricity demand (More than 100 kW) and space constraints looking to reduce their power bills and meet their Net-Zero Targets

Rooftop Solar

Grid-connected Rooftop Solar Plants for Commercial & Industrial Applications to transform your Rooftops into a Source of Clean Energy and lower your power bills

Round the Clock Solar

Solar Projects with Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) for Access to Green Power even at night to reduce pollution from Diesel-based Generators

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Gautam Solar Advantage

As a pioneer in Solar Energy in India, Gautam Solar has been at the forefront of the growth of the sector.

Warranty Support
Not only does Gautam Solar offer 10 Yrs Product warranty and 25 Yrs Performance warranty, it has an expertise of 25+ years being one of the few companies that are as experienced as the typical lifetime of a Solar Plant. Many inexperienced Solar companies have gone bankrupt or have not been able to honor warranties as their modules were not manufactured in India but procured from China.

In-House Structure Manufacturing
For successful operation of a solar plant, the installation must be proper and the mounting structure plays a crucial part. Gautam Solar manufactures 500 Metric tons per month of solar mounting structures in-house at one of its factories in Haridwar, Uttarakhand.

Dedicated Team
Gautam Solar has dedicated teams for the various departments involved in the commissioning of a solar power plant including Procurement, Design, Quality Control (QC) etc. They help ensure proper sequential flow of tasks and clear project timeline. These teams headed by their domain experts bring their unique expertise to a project.

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