Our Growth Story

Gautam Solar is a 25+ yrs. experienced solar manufacturer based out of New Delhi that provides range of Solar Panels, Solar Power Plants & Wide range of solar products. It has 4 factories in Haridwar, Uttarakhand for manufacturing Solar Modules & Components. Its current capacity is 400 MW and is soon expanding to 1 GW.

The company is based on Its Strong R&D unit, that keeps innovating and taking out cutting edge solutions for the Industry. Lot of IPs (Design & Patents) are held by Gautam Solar. Its Solar Panels are BIS & ALMM Approved and its wide range of products have undergone rigorous testing and certifications.

Gautam Solar also puts up Solar power plants, Decentralized solar projects and have cumulatively done 50MW+ Solar Installations. India needs solutions which are designed in accordance with its government policies, geographical, economic & social conditions. As its well known, Renewable energy is now not only “good to have” but has become an imperative for energy independence from fossil fuels. Gautam Solar designs and manufactures solar products & services which are suitable for Indian conditions and can be easily serviced from here.


In the year 1998, with the vision of BK Mohanka, Ex-Professor, National Institute of Technology (NIT), Patna, the company started manufacturing solar casings to System Integrators. From thereon, the organization set up an R&D Center and 4 consecutive factories in Haridwar for manufacturing solar modules & components.

Before laying the foundation of Gautam Solar, BK Mohanka ran a plastic injection moulding unit by the name of Gautam Polymers. He soon spotted the potential for growth in the renewable energy industry and started producing casings for solar products. Gautam occupied almost 90% of the market share when it came to producing the Solar casings.

Gautam Sir

Mr. Gautam Mohanka, after graduating in MBA from MDI, Gurgaon & SRCC came with several innovative business models which he implemented as soon as he joined the business. He developed new product designs by listening to the problem of the Solar System Integrators (SIs) closely and launched a range of new products that met with their requirements.

. Gautam Mohanka then led the transition to Solar Module & Components by establishing a R&D unit and working extensively with them to come out with new and innovative products. During the 25+ yrs. of its existence, the organization has stood by “Vocal for Local”. Its 4 factories in Haridwar, manufacturing Solar panels and components stand testament to the fact.

What makes the organization unique?

  • 100% Made in India
  • 25+ years of solar experience
  • 400 MWp solar manufacturing capacity
    expanding to 1 GW
  • 4 well established factories &In-house R&D team
    working on innovative products
  • BIS/TUV/UL/MNRE Certified Products

Awards and Certifications

ISA Award for Best Product

Frost and Sullivan Award for Product Excellence

ISO 9001: 2008

ISO 14001: 2004

ALMM Approved

BIS approved

EQ Award for “Best Technology Innovation” in Solar Modules