Electrical Characteristics

electrical characterstics

Physical Parameter

physical parameter

All Electrical Parameters specified at STC :25 C cell Temperature : 1000 W/m Irradiance : AM 1.5

  Electrical Characteristic

Type of Cell :Multi Crystalline Sillicon
Front Face :Tempered Glass (Low Iron)
Encapsulate :Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Frame :Anodized Aluminium
Junction Box :Weather Proof Nylon 6
Temp Coefficients :Voltage -0.123V/K
Current +4.4mA/K
Power -0.47%/k
 NOCT :47+ / -2C
The Standard range of modules is supplied without diodes. However,Diodes can be provided on specific Customer request at extra Cost. All Module are supplied with Screw less Hollow section Frames. Warranty :Up to 25 year Limited Extended Warranty Due to constant product modifications GAUTAM SOLAR reserves the right to amend the above specifications without prior notice.