Delayed Decision Can Burn your Pockets
4% monthly increase in project cost for RPO/SPO obligated customers & 1.6% increase for the rest of the customers, on account of delayed decision……..Read More

Factory Owners – Don’t Get Caught in a Boiling Pott
During a recent interaction with the owner of a leading South India based company with a turnover of around 500+ crores, there was this interesting discussion wherein the owner could not help but compare the Indian Industry as the Proverbial frog who refuses to take action and to hedge their business from fast rising energy costs. We found this amusing but at the same time could not deny the logic. Read More

Why Solar is Better than Diesel
With depleting conventional resources, the cost of diesel has been rising constantly, i.e. from Rs. 1.63 in 1990 to Rs. 55 in the current year. With this rate of increase, diesel prices will be more than Rs. 150 per liter by 2025 Read More

Top 8 Reason to Install a Solar Power System
Tax Benefit: Accelerated depreciation benefit of 80% is allowed in 1st Year on investments in Solar Power Projects. It reduces your overall project cost by 20%,

Avail Subsidy: MNRE provides 30% subsidy on Solar Power Projects for captive consumption through accredited channel partners such as Gautam SolarRead More

Stop Worrying About SPO, NO Risk Offer

Are you spending too much of your precious time trying to understand SPO(Solar Purchase Obligation) and its cost implications?….. .Read More

Save with Solar

Save Tax: Accelerated depreciation benefit of 80% is allowed in 1st Year on investments in solar power projects.

Avail Subsidy: MNRE provides 30% subsidy on solar power projects for captive consumption through accredited channel partners such as Gautam Solar.. ….. .Read More

MNRE: Beware of Low Quality Solar Product

It has been reported that some modules can degrade rapidly after initial few years. In such a case, the buyer will end up losing significant amounts of money. There can be similar pitfalls related to inverters, cables and structures that are used in the project. Therefore it is extremely important that good quality components are used in solar projects….. .Read More

Rooftop Solar Power is the Future for Sustainable Development

Today, around 250 million Indian citizens have no access to electricity. Over one third of India’s rural population lacked electricity, as did 6% of the urban population. As of January 2012, one report found the per capita total consumption in India to be 778 kWh. India currently suffers from a major shortage of electricity generation capacity, even though it is the world’s fourth largest energy consumer after United States, China and Russia. Electricity distribution network in India is inefficient compared to other networks in the world. India’s network losses exceeded 30% compared to world average of less than 15% ….. .Read More

Experts Call for Govt Mechanism to Check Solar Rooftop Products

A key reason for the recent blackouts and failure of Northern Grid were a result of overdrawing power from grid which has come up due to the increasing consumption of electricity. With ever rising population and increasing industrialization, design of new buildings should incorporate usage of captive renewable energy sources like rooftop solar power plants to reduce our dependence on electricity grid and diesel genset. ….. .Read More