Inauguration of Solar Power Plant at IIT Kanpur

Solar power plant put up by Solid Solar (Gautam Solar) was inaugurated today by IIT Kanpur Board of Directors. The unique thing about the project is that outputs from 5 different solar technologies . ….. .Read More

Solar Energy: A sustainable solution to power cuts and rising electricity bills

The metropolis glimmers with lights inside its mirrored skyscrapers, its neon hoarding signs, and the ornate street lamps in fancy residential complexes. The glow is short-lived, sooner than later, darkness descends on the big city. ….. .Read More

Indian solar lanterns light up Pakistani Village

As millions of Pakistanis celebrated the historic win of the PMLN Party in the landmark general elections held recently, it marked the beginning of a new era of change in a country marred with crippling energy shortage and long souring economy. ….. .Read More

Gautam Solar Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Corporation Bank

On The Memorandum of Understanding was between Gautam Solar & Corporation Bank was signed on 27 March, 2013. Gautam Polymers established in 1993 is engaged nmanufacturing solar lights and is a system integrator of solar power plants under the brand name Solid Solar. The product range of Gautam Polymers is enlisted and approved from MNRE & NABRAD….. .Read More

CEO Speak: May 2013

With the beginning of the new financial year, we take a step to keep you all informed about our activities that are happening in Gautam Solar. Having a strong team of more than 250 employees spread all across India who are putting their relentless efforts to help the organization and solar industry grow, it becomes necessary that all efforts should be highlighted. ….. .Read More

Gautam Solar Celebrates Earth-2013 Hour with World Wildlife Fund

Earth Hour is WWF’s global campaign inspiring action against climate change by asking individuals, governments, and organizations to switch off lights from 8:30 – 9:30 PM every year in March. The campaign was launched in Sydney in 2007. The campaign has been endorsed by well known public figures such as Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Vidya Balan, Sachin Tendulkar, Royal Challengers cricket team, and more…. .Read More

Will the Sun Shine?

The Budget session has started and speculators are running amuck. With a projected growth rate of 5.3%, the government is reeling under the significant problems of current account deficit and the fiscal deficit. Notwithstanding these twin problems, the government needs to find ways to enable fund….. .Read More

Experts call for govt mechanism to check solar rooftop products

With a slew of private players rolling out solar rooftop solutions targeting different categories of customers, experts and industry representatives warn of quality issues amid price wars and urge government to come out with standard technical specifications and test compliance for the benefit of industry and consumers….. .Read More

Mr. Gautam Mohanka Invites Other Solar Players to Share The Problems Via SESI

On 23rd March 2013, Mr. Gautam Mohanka, CEO- Gautam Solar, invited all the solar players to come together and raise a voice for the concerns that Solar Industry is facing….. .Read More

MNRE: Beware of Low Quality Solar Products

It has been reported that some modules can degrade rapidly after initial few years. In such a case, the buyer will end up losing significant amounts of money. There can be similar pitfalls related to inverters, cables and structures that are used in the project. Therefore it is extremely important that good quality components are used in solar projects. … .Read More

TIDCO to facilitate establishment of solar power parks in 2013-14

The Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation plans to facilitate formation of solar power parks, for a total capacity of 1000 MW, with private players in 2013-14. The Industries Minister, P. Thangamani, told the Assembly on Friday that the total investment required to start these parks was estimated around Rs. 9000 crore. The solar parks would provide common facilities… .Read More

SMA Solar Says Insecurity Over China Dumping Fees Hurting Orders

SMA Solar Technology AG (S92) Chief Executive Officer Pierre-Pascal Urbon said speculation over possible anti-dumping fees for Chinese solar products in Europe is weighing on orders at the world’s biggest maker of inverters…. .Read More

Solar investments are red hot

Solar power projects in Gujarat and Rajasthan have become a preferred, risk-free and high return investment option for high net worth individuals and corporate houses keen to park their funds in short to medium term… .Read More