Education Institute In Assam
guwahati assam  


Capacity :50 KWP.
Mounting :Raised Structure
Location :Assam

Project Description:- It becomes necessary to find alternative power sources that could help the running of the College. A 50 KWp off grid solar power plant based on raised structure is a landmark project that runs the college. The structure itself has added value to the land, as it is raised, it allows for multiple activities.

IIT Kanpur


Capacity :10 KWP.
Mounting :Dual Axis Tracking
Location :IIT Kanpur

Project Description:- Two 5 KWp off-grid solar power plants have been installed at IIT- Kanpur for research purpose of the students and faculty. They can conduct study for various parameters regarding generation of electricity from solar. A state of art project with double axis tracking system based on thin film module. The double axis tracking system helps enhanced generation to capture the radiation..

BHU Varanasi
BHU Varanasi  


Capacity :8 KWP.
Mounting :Ground Mounted
Location :BHU Varanasi

Project Description:- Two solar off-grid solar plants were installed, one 3kw the other 5 KWp.

An Institute in New delhi
german School  


Capacity :10 KWP.
Mounting :Ground Mounted
Location :Chanakya Puri, New Delhi

Project Description:- Two solar on-grid solar power plants of 5KWp each were installed at German School, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi with polycrystalline & thin film modules. The solar units are used to run the office load.